Tim’s music resume stretches back to the late 1970’s and includes the bands; Big Boys, Bad Mutha Goose, Monkey-wrench, Poison 13, and The Lord High Fixers. All of which have played an important role in shaping the US indie music scene. Kerr received his degree in painting and photography at the University of Texas in Austin and studied the latter under Garry Winogrand. His artwork has been shown in the US and abroad in galleries such as PS1 New York, 96 Gillespie London, Slowboy Gallery Germany, and Hyde Park Art Center Chicago.

Brian Phillips is a multimedia artist from Ohio, Indiana currently residing in Austin, Texas. Phillips works almost exclusively with reclaimed wood, piecing scraps of everything from siding to old chairs together to form a canvas. He is a self-taught and self disciplined artist with 20 plus years under his belt. Phillips has shown work at Austin Art Garage, E.A.S.T. Austin, Low Brow Indiana, Arthouse 60 Gallery Indiana, Art Connections Gallery Bastrop, to name a few. This will be his second show at Hello Studio.

Together Tim and Brian have created a series of works that explore musicians and artists who’ve influenced and inspired them throughout the years. Brian starts the collaboration by piecing together a reclaimed wood surface; Tim then continues to explore themes of history, civil rights, and community by painting artists, activists, musicians, and entertainers such as Aretha Franklin, Picasso, Evel Knievel, Rosa Parks, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Free Admission
Opening First Thursday & First Friday (July 31st & August 1st) 7-10pm
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